Zimmer Thermo TK




Zimmer Thermo TK
Deep heat using high-frequency current in conjunction with manual treatment. Treatment with Thermo TK does more than just make top athletes fit again in no time! An imperceptible, high-frequency current is applied during use and converted into heat in deeper tissue layers. This relieves pain quickly and effectively, accelerates healing and reduces recovery time. Two therapy modes allow precise application for superficial musculature or deep tendons, ligaments, or bones. The high-frequency therapy is pleasant, extremely tolerable and can even be repeated several times a day.

Convenient operation: modern touch operation on a large screen with a colorful surface
Minimum operational effort: intuitive navigation and indication-based therapy selection displayed directly on the screen
Professional on-screen application information
Two therapy modes: capacitive mode for superficial muscle tissues and resistive mode for deeper tendons, ligaments and bones
Single electrode for both capacitive and resistive modes – requires no change of electrode between treatments.
Compact light-weight device (3.4 Kg) perfect for mobile use



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