Zimmer Opton Pro




Zimmer Opton Pro
OptonPro is a high-power class IV gallium-arsenide diode laser with maximum emitted power of 7000 mW. This highly effective laser emits up to 7000 mW of power simultaneously on two wavelengths using an ergonomically designed applicator, thereby offering a very wide range of therapy. The 980 nm wavelength has a lower tissue-penetration capacity, is absorbed superficially and has an analgesic effect via a reflex pathway. The 810 nm wavelength has a far greater tissue-penetration capacity and has a bio-stimulant effect, resulting in an acceleration of cellular activity. The simultaneous application of both wavelengths in a single treatment session optimises the therapeutic effect since superficial pain receptors as well as deeper tissue structures are stimulated. Two easily mounted spacers and an integrated calibration sensor ensure high-safety laser therapy.
Intuitive menu navigation and touchscreen operation make OptonPro an optimum system that is simple for therapists to use and that allows the easy, successful and very safe application of laser therapy. The 30 cm colour touchscreen makes operation fast, clear and easy. The touchscreen can be used to select the various indications. The therapist is provided with application recommendations for each indication as well as professional information about the treatment. OptonPro also features a favourites and memory list, each with 120 storage spaces. Customised programs can be stored in both lists.



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