Wieland dental Zenotec cyclon




Wieland dental Zenotec cyclon
Zenotec cyclon – the innovative powerful, sound-insulated extraction unit ideal for
incorporating into your lab. Take advantage of cyclone technology and enjoy the
benefits of a maintenance-free, low-noise system.
Cyclone technology keeps filter costs down
Low filter resistance gives maximum suction power
Brushless turbine technology makes this extraction unit maintenance free and extremely quiet
The new Zenotec cyclon allows your lab to enter a new era. The use of cyclone technology enables up to 95 % of the coarse particles to be separated in a preseparation stage. This protects your filters and makes it easy to dispose of the particles in dust bags. The unique new design of this powerful sound-insulated extraction unit means that it can easily be integrated into your lab. Take advantage of cyclone technology today and start to enjoy the benefits of this low-noise, zero-maintenance air extraction system.
Key features in brief
Easy to dispose of coarse particles by simply emptying the dust tray
Preseparator holds 15 liters
Large pre-filter for collecting medium-sized particles in the unit
HEPA filter (H13) for fine particles
Modular concept makes it easy to change filters
Brushless turbines (zero maintenance)
Infinitely adjustable power setting
Under-table unit
Electronic interface (start/stop, “filter-full” indicator)


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