Wieland dental Zenotec Air+





Wieland dental Zenotec Air+
The Zenotec Air+ is the professional solution to air extraction problems. Specially designed to extract very fine ceramic dust and acrylic shavings, it is the ideal complement to your Wieland milling system.
A large-surface self-cleaning long-life filter is used to collect the dust particles and deposit them in a tray whilst a downstream fine filter reduces the dust pollution to an absolute minimum.
Self-cleaning filter system
Large-surface dust collector tray for
easy cleaning
Adjustable suction power
Controlled by the milling machine
via 24 V control signal
Service indicator for filter change and maintenance cycles
Technical specifications:
Dimensions (w x h x d): 41 x 74 x 51 cm
Weight: 39 kg
Mains voltage: 230V / 120V
Filter: HEPA
Control signal: 24 V DC


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