Wieland dental S 50 ‘Zenotec CAD




Wieland dental S 50 ‘Zenotec CAD
No two dental labs are alike. For this reason Wieland offers scanners and software packages specially tailored to meet the needs every lab. The model S50 3-axis scanner captures all data by means of laser triangulation. A high-end embedded PC is already integrated into the scanner. By using the Multi-Die plate (configuration C “Zenotec CAD” and Configuration D “Implant” up to 6 dies can be scanned without manual intervention.
Properties, Indications and more
Scanner specifications
Zenotec S50 CAD
Software package sold with scanner C
Scan speed – single die 50 (55) seconds
Scan speed – 3 unit bridge 180 (190) seconds
Multi Die Scanning – 6
Number of axes 3
PC embedded
Operating system WINDOWS 7 64bit
Antagonist, Pre-preparation
Texture scanning
Cameras 1 measuring , 1 video camera
1.3 Megapixels
Accuracy < 20 μm


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