Wieland dental AGC Micro Vision




Wieland dental AGC Micro Vision

AGC Micro Vision – Conclusive application through a perfectly-tuned system

AGC Micro Vision is the leading fully-automated dental electroforming system. The safety, robustness and resistance of the electroforming units were and still are true pillars of WIELAND‘s market-leading position in electroforming technology. Using a selfexplanatory and menu-controlled touch panel with pre-stored electroforming programmes operating them is child‘s play. The processing steps are monitored and can be called up onto the display by the user at any time. Manual operation is simple and easy too. Placement and cleaning are also straight-forward.

This overview demonstrates why AGC Micro Vision is a market-leader:

Proven WIELAND AGC product quality in a complete design

Straightforward operation using a self-explanatory, menu-controlled touch screen

Reusable magnetic contacts with simple positioning

Unique, stain-resistant „Varicor“ housing, unique to the dental industry

Beaker with carry grip and clip for comfortable handling

Excess gold can be retrieved in the unit



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