Weco Edger 950




Weco Edger 950
Nobody does it better – or faster – than the outstanding WECO Edge 950 multifuction industrial lens edger.
Ideal for the lab or also for the busy retail practice requiring high-speed processing of quality edged lenses, the Edge 950 stands alone in terms of finish quality, rugged design and available features. In fact this is a fully redesigned and engineered powerhouse just waiting to be unleashed!
The Weco Edge 950 has a host of features that have been purpose designed for the highest possible efficiency in lens edging. Continuing WECO’s renowned and long-lived reputation for performance and reliability, the Edge 950 will perform to the highest possible standards.
With its incredible speed the Edge 950 is the fastest edger we have produced, and the newly designed wider grinding chamber is big enough for 4 full-size diamond wheels for maximum versatility. Therefore all lens materials can be processed quickly and safely. But that’s not all.
Edge 950 employs a newly-designed multi-function tool for rotary lens grooving and safety bevelling on the front and rear side of the lens. The rotary action of the grooving wheel ensures the highest quality groove in the shortest possible time.
As the inventors of in-edger drilling and with many thousands of drill edgers in the market, WECO has considerably more experience in drill technology than its competition. Weco have introduced the next generation in rimless drilling with new motorised drill technology that drills the hole from the front side of the lens!



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