WECO Edger 650




WECO Edger 650
The Weco Edge 650 has universal tools to make easy work of drilling, grooving, milling and chamfering. Polycarbonate and Trivex® are no problem! A special tool is available to groove even the most difficult material to work with! And the GrooveClean Mode removes any residue after grooving and polishing. To finish the lens there are two settings on the front and three on the rear for chamfering for the perfect cut. 650_drill
Using the Weco Edge 650 means the working with and measuring high index, thin and soft materials has never been easier as the SmoothMode gives a gentle touch for even the most delicate of lenses.
Individually set parameters based on material and coating guarantees the best possible results.wheel_2 You are in control of torque, speed, clamp pressure and rotational wheel direction – adjust any of the settings based on your preference. wheel_1
The optional HighCurve Mode makes edging lenses for 8-base frames simple! And the Weco Edge 650 also comes with a new polishing technique for a high gloss polish on either flat or V-bevel.



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