Weco Edger 550




Weco Edger 550
Superior edging results with system
The Edge 550 provides simple and economical manufacture of the widest range of spectacles, including rimless spectacles. Reproducible, fast and highly precise drilling results ease the work in the workshop.

Characteristics of Edge 550
– Drilling in variable angles
– Grooving according to the lens curve
– Bevelling according to the frame curve
– Chamfering on both sides of the lens
– Flat and V bevel polishing
– Self-explanatory intuitive operation

Drilling in angle – seeking precision
– Perpendicular drilling to front and rear surface
– Perpendicular drilling to a defined curvature
– Precise drilling directly inside the machine
– Up to 10 drill hole coordinates
– Edging and drilling in one clamped lens cycle
– No manual touch up
– Regular holes, slots and notches as blind holes

Grooving in many variations – seeking perfection
– Slot angle equivalent to lens curve
– Slot in defined distance to front surface
– Slot as percentage curve
– Slot equivalent to a defined lens curve
– Variable depth and width of slot
– For all plastics including Trivex and PC
– Precise grooving inside the machine

Bevel with flexibility – seeking for elegancy
– Automatic bevel equivalent to frame curve
– Bevel in defined distance to front surface
– Bevel in percentage of lens thickness
– Bevel equivalent to a defined lens curve
– User-defined positioning of the bevel in `Manual Mode`

Chamfering to protect your customer – seeking for security
– Controlled chamfering
– Rear side chamfering
– Front side chamfering
– Both side chamfering
– Variable size of chamfer

Polish and brilliancy – seeking for elegancy
– Flat polishing
– V profile polishing

Self-explanatory operation – seeking for comfort
– Comfortable touch screen
– Easily understood interface using icons
– Simple operation for complex procedures
– Logical support of procedures
– Individual customisation of the operator interface


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