Weco Edger 450 Drill




Weco Edger 450 Drill
Grinding with optimum results
– High productivity
– For processing all lens materials
– For all optical values
– Polishing
– Chamfering the ground spectacle lenses (option)

Turbo grooves
– In all synthetic materials
– Adjustable groove width and groove depth
– Tool easy to replace
– Precise results also in the case of angular forms

Automatic drilling
– In all synthetic materials
– Clearance holds and blind holes
– High precision in measuring the drilling data
– Identical drilling data for right-hand and left-hand lens
– Up to 4 bores or oblong holes per lens
– Saving the drilling information
– Simple tool change

Excellent accuracy of fit
– With regard to facette course, facette surface and axial
– position
– Computer-controlled facette taking the sphere, cylinder, prism and decentration into account

Automatic process monitoring
– High ”first time fit” rate
– Reduced risk of glass breakage
– Automatic harmonisation of sizes of the scanned mould
– with the ground lens
– Safety grinding mode for highly hardened lenses

Simple operation
– Convenient and ergonomic user prompting
– Clear 1:1 presentation on the colour monitor
– Permanent process display on the colour monitor
– Graphic presentation of the facette position
– Internal data memory for up to 200 lens forms
– Barcode input (option)

Equipping with diamond disc on request
– Pure synthetic material processing, incl. polycarbonate
– Silicate and synthetic material processing, incl. polycarbonate

Compatible in the WECO system
– Standard interface to peripheral system units; CL (Current Loop), RS 232, OMA
– Operation as single device or in the system
– Multitasking, parallel operation at all system components



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