Weco E.6 Patternless Edger




Weco E.6 Patternless Edger
Feature :
E.6 Mineral / Plastic Version – Five 90 mm (3.5 in) edging wheels: all plastics (CR 39, polycarbonate, Trivex™, high index), mineral wheel, bevel and rimless finishing, rimless polishing, Tilted Bevel wheel.
E.6 Plastic Only Version – Four 90 mm (3.5 in) edging wheels: all plastics (CR39, polycarbonate, Trivex™, high index), bevel and rimless finishing, bevel and rimless polishing, Tilted Bevel wheel.
Sd (Smart Design) Technology for complicated designs with a new milling tool.
Integrated drilling function: holes, notches, blind or slots.
Drilling angle adjusts automatically from 0° to 30°.
Lens measurement prior to roughing with accuracy of 50 ?.
Sensing front and rear curvature and lens thickness.
Visual preview of lens on request, before starting roughing cycle.
6 different bevels: front face, rear face, percentage (default setting), automatic bevel,bevel according to a specific curve, manual bevel.
4 specific Edging processes per material can be selected, allowing full control of the stresses applied to each lense due to coating, material and thickness.
Variable clamping force for reduction of waste due to breakage or axis rotation.
Minimum edging diameters: rimless finish 17,75 mm, grooved finish 18.2 mm, bevel finish 19.4 mm, safety bevel finish 22 mm.
Rimless and bevel polishing (depending on the lens material).
Grooving: different programs with adjustable depth and width.
Grooving angle adjusted automatically according to the curve and the height of the lens.
Partial Processing combining different bevels V-Bevel/Grooving, Grooving/Grooving,V-Bevel/Flat, Grooving/Flat.
Customized safety bevel (front face, rear face).
Chemistrie™ Sunlenses processing.
Input, Modification of Drill Hole Data in the edger is possible.



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