Weco Cad 5




Weco Cad 5
Latest generation of fully automatic lens decentration and blocking system
The requirements from the optician or optical lab has changed significantly over recent years and Weco has responded to this demand by developing and producing the CAD 5 system.
With many features designed to simplify the lens measurement, decentration and blocking processes more than ever before, the CAD 5 offers class-leading functionality at a surprisingly affordanle price.
Backwards compatible with many of the existing Weco edging systems the CAD 5 also offers exciting upgrade possibilities, allowing existing users of the”industry standard” Weco 450 Drill edger to benefit from its many features.
The CAD 5 is a fully automatic device that does not require human input during its centering and blocking operations. An integrated lens measurement systems eliminates the need for a lensmeter for single vision lenses, thereby reducing the possibility of operator-induced errors.



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