Weco Cad 4




Weco Cad 4
The optical workshop of today demands a fast, reliable, precise centering system and the Weco Cad 4 is a worthy successor to the popular and well known Weco Cad III. The new Weco Cad 4 offers all the speed and ease of use that Cad 3 customers have long appreciated with the advantage of new features made available by the use of new technology
The Weco Cad 4 – the new standard for decentration
The Weco Cad 4 is a semi-automatic device easily operated with excellent results. A large high-resolution colour screen offers a well organized desktop with quick indentification of important areas of the spectacle lens. The well known Optical Trace function of the Cad 5 is included, extending the machines capabilities. A single button push allows a pattern or demo-lens to be digitized automatically, including its drill-holes. The new blue-light offers improved detection at a higher speed.



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