Tyscor VS 2 radial suction




Tyscor VS 2 radial suction

Tyscor VS 2, the first wet aspiration system with centrifugal compressor in the field of dentistry, sets new standards for performance and efficiency. Naturally 100 % made in Germany (at Bietigheim-Bissingen) for 100 % reliability.

More than 50 percent less weight and up to 50 percent saving of energy.* Radially brilliant!The intelligent control allows also operation with two Tyscor suction machines connected to only one suction line – for perfect operational reliability.


The “eco-friendly” centrifugal technology of the Tyscor VS 2 ensures exemplary values, especially in energy consumption.* Its load-dependent automatic adjustment provides constant suction at all times – and saves money in the process.

Compact and light

The compact, modular construction, weight of 11 kg and housing made of foamed plastic ensure smooth start-up of the Tyscor VS 2.

Network compatible

With network connection as standard, not only is the Tyscor VS 2 installed as Plug & Play, but is also just as easily integrated in the digital monitoring of the surgery supply systems through the Tyscor Pulse software.

Tehcnical data

Suction unit Tyscor VS 2

Voltage (V) 230 (1~)

Frequency (Hz) 50 – 60

Power output (kW) 0.7

Current consumption (A) 3

Vacuum (mbar) at sea level 170

Number of therapists 2

Number of simultaneous rooms at 60 % 3

Max. fluid flow rate (l/min) 10

Max. aspiration height (cm) 60

Dimensions (H x W x D cm) 35 x 32 x 43

Weight (kg) 11

Noise level dB(A) 58



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