Topcon NW-200 Fundus Camera




Topcon NW-200 Fundus Camera
The TRC-NW200 Telemedicine System is simple and easy to use, making it
an ideal tool for the health professional looking for a quick and
accurate way to screen and document retinal pathology. It combines
IMAGEnet Lite, the recognized standard in color fundus imaging
software, with the Topcon TRC-NW200 Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera.
Combined with a laptop PC, the TRC-NW200 System affords a portable
screening solution. It can also be mated with a Tower PC. Key Features
Integrated digital camera chip provides 3.1 megapixel images Seamless
interface to IMAGEnet Lite, for advanced image documentation,
archiving, retrieval, enhancing and printing of retinal images
Excellent detail of the retinal surface for all types of diagnostic
requirements, from disc evaluation for glaucoma to diabetic
retinopathy without the need for dilating drops USB connection for
fast image transfer Patient consultation module facilitates patient
education and compliance



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