Topcon CV-3000 Compu Vision phoroptor




The ALL-NEW CV-3000 Computerized Vision Tester offers the latest features in automated refraction and expands the many features of our complete EXAM-3000 Refraction System.
Today’s demand for delegating the refraction, electronic data collection, efficiency and ergonomics, continue to generate an incredible interest in this product! The CV-3000 can be mounted on our ALL-NEW EXAM-3000 Delivery Desk or a conventional chair and stand. Find out today how this product can save you time, space and money!
Highlights of the new CV-3000 include:
– Faster Performance
– Integrates with many Topcon Pre-test Instruments
– Color Coded Easy Operation
– Powered Patient Positioning Features
– Proven Performance
– Onsite Professional Factory Training
– Consistent Accurate Refractions



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