Topcon 50X Mydriatic Retinal Fundus Camera




Topcon 50X Mydriatic Retinal Fundus Camera
– TRC-50X Optical Head
– Power Supply
– One MT-2 Camera back
– Chin rest assembly
– External fixation device
– System is complete and in Excellent working condition
– Ideal camera for Digital System Adaptation

Key Features

  • EASY TO USE – LCD touch panel control allows easy change of settings while the Small Pupil Aperture (4.5 diameter) function facilitates focusing and enhances sharpness.
  • FLEXIBLE – Can support a variety of photo devices, from film to super high-resolution CCD/digital cameras.
  • MULTIMODAL – True color photography, red-free filtered photography, FA,, FAF and ICG (FA + ICG optional).
  • NATURAL RETINAL IMAGING – Optical head swing and tilt with standard 50° 35° and 20° field of view.



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