Tomey TR-4000 Auto Refractor




Dual CCD cameras provide fast, accurate, reliable and repeatable
measurements. The tomey TR-4000 offers superb quality at an excellent
-Automatic Refraction Measurements
The tomey TR-4000 Auto Refractor provides highly accurate measurement
of patients refractive power. This measurement is obtained simply by
pushing a button. Patient alignment is simple and effortless with the
joystick controller. The TR-4000 automatically calculates
interpupillary distance (PD) based on the patients alignment.
-Fast & Accurate Measuremet
With dual CCD cameras for accurate, reliable and repeatable
measurements, (0.3 seconds) measurement time and a unique
multi-averaging system for accurate refraction readings. The TR-4000
will automatically detect to measure the IOL implanted eyes or heavy
cataract eyes.
-Data Output
Refraction results are immediately available on-screen and from the
systems quiet, built-in, high-speed printer. Results can also be
transferred to the office database via the integral RS-232C
-Power Saving Features
The stand-by, or sleep, mode is automatically activated after five or
ten minutes (operator selected) of idle time. This reduces power
consumption, resulting in operating cost savings, and increases the
overall lifetime of the TR-4000. Simply push the joystick button to
reactivate the device.



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