Tomey TL-5000 Automatic Lensmeter




New Generation of Auto Lensmeters
Lensmeter that creates a pleasant atmosphere
The unique structure, such as the thin panel, beautifully matches any
space. The classy two-tone finish provides a fashionable atmosphere.
This lensmeter makes a stylish interior decoration even while not
being used for measurement.Color touch panel
You may select any of five color patterns based on specific themes
depending on the atmosphere in the room or your mood on the day. In
addition, you can create your own color layout using 256 preset
Power map supports progressive lens measurement
The power map indicates different lens powers in different colors,
making measurement of the reading point easier.
The lensmeter automatically locks the lens table when aligned with the
optical center. You do not need to release the optical glasses or lock
the lens table with a lever. It is helpful to get the correct cylinder
axial angle and useful to be find the upper and lower prism.
Simultaneous measurement of UV transmissivity
The UV (385nm) transmissivity can be measured while measuring the
power of the lens and the result can be printed out.



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