Tomey RT-7000 Auto Ref / Ker / Topography




The new Tomey device is actually a seven in one device with the
introduction of the “Tear Stability Analysis System”. Eye doctors all
over the country have been looking for an easy automatic method to
determine whether or not the patient had “Dry Eye”. This new feature
is as easy to use as the auto-topographer. The patient looks at a
target inside the device and the RT-7000 does the rest. It will issue
a numerical value as to the extent of the patient’s tear stability.
Therefore if the patient complaint is dry eye, you can examine the
patient with the non-invasive device, determine the extent of or if
the patient truly has dry eye and treat the patient accordingly.
In conclusion, the new Tomey RT-7000 will perform the following test:
– Auto-Topography
– Auto-Keratometry
– Auto-Refractor
– Pupil and Cornea Measurement
– Contact Lens Fitting Simulation
– TSAS (Tear Stability Analysis System)
– KAI / KRI index
– Three function in One Instrument
– Easy & Speedy Touch Screen Alignment
– 6.4 inch Color TFT LCD
– Dual CCD technology for Refractometry
– Cataract & IOL Mode
– New Indices for Keratometry: KAI, KRI
– Auto Alignment / Auto Shot for Topography



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