Tomey RT-6000 Auto Ref-Topography




A unique combination of topography, auto-refraction and keratometer in
one, multi diagnosis RT-6000 replaces three devices. The compactness
of this instrument is its strength. It is therefore a perfect space
and cost saving solution. Highly accurate measurements combined with
the shortened examination time and easy handling makes working with
the RT-6000 both professional and quick. The advanced display invites
you to a complete new world of colors and details in the diagnostic of
the eye.
A new Dual CCD Technology allows fast & exact measurements, which are
close to the results of subjective methods. This precision is ensured
by two specialized camera-chips with individual light paths for
observation and measuring. A short examination time achieved using
automatic fixation and measuring as well as multi-averaging system
will pleasantly surprise you and your patient.
RT-6000 operates extremely precise within all three major functions.
To avoid the disturbing shadows of nose & eyebrow on the cornea we use
a small cone. Its particular purpose is to provide a large measurement

-Measurement Steps: Sphere: 0.12D
Cylinder: 0.12D
Axis: 1
– Corneal Curvature Measurement: 0.01 mm
– Corneal Shape Measurement: 0.2D
– Minimum Pupil Diameter: 2.5mm
– Measurement Time: REF: 0.3 seconds
KRT: 0.17 seconds
– Recording: Built-in Thermal Printer
– Corneal Vartex Distance: 0 mm , 12 mm , 13.5 mm
– Exterior Output: Analog RGB / Parallel Printer
– Joystick Range: Forward / Back: 40mm (1.6 inches)
Left / Right: 86mm (3.4 inches)
Up / Down: 30mm (1.2 inches)
– Dimensions: 307mm (w) x 470mm (d) x 470mm (h)
12 (w) x 18.5 (d) x 18.5 (h)
– Weight: 22kg (48lbs)
– Display: 640 x 480 pixels



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