Tomey EP-1000 Pro Computerized Electrophysiology Device




The EP-1000 Pro is the essence of 10 years experience of developing
electrophysiology instruments. It is an ISCEV conform
electrophysiology diagnostic device in a compact shape. Standard
examinations are: ERG, VEP, EOG, PERG and SWEEP VEP.
The examination procedure is automated and the easy-to-use program
steps will guide you through the complete examination. That makes it
possible to delegate this kind of examination to assistants. The
EP-1000 Pro workstation provides full com-
puterized control of electrophysiology testing and data management.
Switching to a flash stimulated examination will automatically occlude
the integrated monitor of the Ganzfeld dome. Selecting of pattern
stimulation automatically opens the occlusion. These filters are
automatically inserted upon respective program selection. Thus it
represents the second level of EP-1000 Pro evolution.


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