Tomey EP-1000 Multifocal Computerized Electrophysiology Device



Tomey EP-1000 Multifocal Computerized Electrophysiology Device

Computerized Electrophysiology Device Tomey EP-1000 Multifocal,
Whenever you need detailed information,
the Multifocal will be your first choice

The EP-1000 Multifocal (mf) allows you to do all mf standard tests:
– mfERG flash (FOK, SOK, flicker)
– mfERG pattern (9 pattern for stimulation)
– mfVEP (dartboard stimulation) for analysing local retina functions

Accessories and Optionals Analyses can be displayed in curves, values,
2D, 3D, rings, quadrants, groups and table.
Cross-target for macula dystrophy patients time
Mf pattern ERG with scrolling text target
Full access to all settings
e. g. position of the fixation target
No matter if you want to receive standardised clinical data or are
heading towards a more scientific
oriented environment – Tomey offers you the perfect individual
electrophysiology solution.
The EP-1000 Multifocal is based on short M-sequences. This allows you
to re-check all conditions of the exam, such as proper fit of
electrodes or acceptable responses within a very short time (8 sec.).
With the “fixation control hexagon the results can be controlled after
every cycle. You don’t have to wait until the end of the whole
examination for controlling the fixation of the patient.
Different fixation targets are available: the cross-target covers the
whole stimulation monitor to make exams possible for macula dystrophy
patients. The changing
animal target is for children and the scrolling text target for all
other patients.



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