Tomey AL 3000 A-Scan




The A-Scan Tomey AL 3000 With touch screen control, automatic
tone-assisted measurement & visual graphic displays, acquisition and
evaluation of axial length measurements are almost effortless.
Measuring modes include Normal, Dense Cataract, Aphakic & Pseudophakic
of Silicone, Acrylic, PMMA & other IOLs. The Tomey AL 3000 can be used
in either contact or immersion mode & measurements can be taken
automatically or manually.
The A-Scan Tomey AL 3000 IOL power is calculated automatically after
entering the corneal curvature data & the desired postoperative
refraction. The most popular formula are provided: SRK II, Holladay &
the new Haigis formula with a special algorithm for accurate IOL
calculation for high myopes & high hyperopes.



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