Takagi OM-9 Operating Microscopes




Takagi OM-9 Operating Microscope
Specification of the microscopes:
Magnification Changer:

OM9XM230 5-step manual
OM9XE230 5-step motorised
OM9XZ230: Motorided zoom system
Objective: f = 200mm lens Apochromat


OM9XM230: WF 16x
OM9XE230: WF 16x
OM9XZ230: WF 10x
Head: Binocular, 45 ° inclined,

OM9XM230: f = 125mm converting lens
OM9XE230: f = 125mm converting lens
Head: binocular, 0-90 ° tiltable

OM9XZ230: f = 170mm converting lens
Total magnification by OM9XM230 and OM9XE230 model:
4x, 6x, 10x, 16x, 25x

Real fields of view by OM9XM230 and OM9XE230 model:
56mm, 37.3mm, 22.4mm, 14mm, 9mm

Total magnification by OM9XZ230 model:
4.1x – 20.4x continuously adjustable

Real fields of view by OM9XZ230 model:
49 mm – 9.8 mm between

Focusing range: 30mm (motor-driven adjustable)

OM9XM230: Straight Coupling
OM9XE230: X-Y Coupling, movement range: +/- 25mm
OM9XZ230: X-Y Coupling, movement range: +/- 25mm
Illumination System:

Direct LED Illumination
Brightness Control: 9 steps
Illuminated area: 55mm
Red-Eye Correction 6 ° angle of light projected onto the retina
Red-Eye Correction area of ??illuminated 15mm
Filters: Heat-absorbing, Blue correction filter, Yellow filter, Retinal protection
Faculty System:

Floor Stand
Maximum arm extension: 1045 mm
Arm vertical stroke: 400 mm
Base size: 640 x 640 mm
Weight: 90 kg
Power Supply: AC 230V 50 / 60Hz
Foot Pedals:

The foot pedal has eight feature lighting on and off, XY adjustment, focusing up and down, zoom, waterproof design.

– O14-22 F = 175mm lens
– O14-24 F = 250mm lens
– O14-25 F = 300mm lens
– O14-26 F = 350mm lens
– O14-27 F = 200mm standard lens

– O06-18 Adapter Ring binocular assistant head
– O06-20SE Binocular assistant head
– O06-25 BIOM adapter
– O06-26 EIBOS adapter
– S11-03 Beam Splitter
– O08-11 F = 50mm TV camera adapter
– S01-14SE binocular head
– O06-19SE Coaxial binocular microscope
– O06-22 Monitor arm
– O06-23 camera control rack



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