Takagi OM-19 Operating Microscopes



Takagi OM-19 Operating Microscopes
The world’s first surgical microscope with independent light intensity adjustment for coaxial and red-reflex illumination to suit each patient case and surgeons unique

Assistant Microscope Options
Rotating Coaxial Stereoscopic Assistant’s Microscope
Rotating Coaxial Stereoscopic Assistant’s Microscope
– Stereoscopic view available also through the assistant’s microscope.*
– 180˚ continuous rotation through right and left directions whilst mounted.
– Magnification adjusted manually in three steps.
– Tiltable binocular tubes equipped as standard, which can incline more than 90˚.
*Red reflex image through the assistant’s microscope is different than the main surgeons view, the red reflex illumination is optimized for the main surgeon’s optics.
Fixed Coaxial Monoscopic Assistant’s Microscope
– Providing the same coaxial image and red reflex illumination as the main surgeon.
Mounted using the O11-03 Beam splitter, with the optics in/out switching lever, ideal when 100% light is required by the main surgeon.
C-mount Adapter
• CCD camera system can be mounted using O11-03 Beam splitter and O08-22 or O08-11 C-mount camera adaptor for integration with surgical video documentation systems.
• O08-11 is equipped with an adjustable aperture for regulating light, O08-22 comes with a fixed aperture.
High-performance LED surgical microscope combining ‘visualising’ with ‘ease of use’.

Microscope specifications:

Magnification changer:
motorized zoom type (zoom ratio 1:6)
Objective: f = 175mm (Apochromat corrected optics)
Eyepieces: 12.5x
Tiltable binoculars with converging optics F=160mm
Total magnifications: 4.6x to 27.4x
Real fields of view: 49.2mm to – 8.2mm
Focusing stroke: 50mm (with centering function)
X-Y movement stroke:
±25mm in each direction(with centering function)
Illumination system:

Cold light coaxial illumination by fiber light guide
Convertible 2 x 15V 150W halogen reflector bulb
Brightness Control
Field of illumination: 55mm
Field of red refl ex illumination: 15mm
Illumination control: continuous adjustment
Filters: Heat-absorbing, UV(permanent feature built-in),Blue-cut Cobalt Blue, Retina Shield(for protection of the retina)
Arm System:

Mount: Floor stand
Maximum arm extension: 1260mm
Arm vertical stroke: 500mm
Base size: 700mm × 740mm
Foot controller size: 310mm × 200mm× 105mm
Weight: 160 kg
Power Supply: AC 230V 50/60Hz

– O14 -02 F = 200mm lens
– O14 -03 F = 250mm lens
– O14 -04 F = 300mm lens
– O14 -05 F = 350mm lens
– O14 – 10 F = 400mm lens
– S11- 02 40:60 beam splitter
– S11- 03 80:20 beam splitter
– O08 – 11 D = 50mm camera adapter TV
– O08 -05 D = 90mm camera adapter TV
– O13 – 01SE Coaxial Assistant Binocular viewer



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