Takagi LM-30 Auto Lensmeter




While only small, the LM-30 is packed with all the technological innovations we have developed in the field of ophthalmology.
Outstanding features
Simple : Easy to operate. You will even be able to measure progressive lenses right from day one
Quick : Responsive, no frustration
Accurate : High measurement accuracy
Automatic : Automated measurement as well as data reading and storage
Measurement of contact lenses
Contact lenses can be measured in the same way as the single vision lenses by attaching the nose piece for contact lenses.
ABBE number
The LM-30 will automatically compensate the measured values when a different ABBE number is selected, providing more accurate measuring results. Numbers selectable are from 30 to 60, in increments of 5, a total of 7 settings.
Real-time prism power measurement
Prism power is read at arbitrary point, and displayed in two forms: rectangular (BU/BD, BI/BO) and polar (Δ/ deg.) coordinates.
Automatic detection of progressive lenses
The auto-detect function of the LM-30 detects progressive lenses when a lens is placed on the nose piece. Once it detects a progressive lens, it automatically switches itself to progressive lens measuring mode, which eliminates cumbersome manual operations. No more mistakes in lens type detection.
Good visibility with the large back-lit LCD
With the use of a large (89mm x 46mm) LCD, the measured value are easy to read. Furthermore, the display is backlit, providing excellent visibility even in a dimly lit room.

Measured results of left and right lenses are temporarily stored, and then displayed sequentially when the READ button is pressed.
Two modes of measurement; manual and automatic
The LM-30 is equipped with automatic mode as well as manual modes. Sphere power, cylinder power, and cylinder axis as well as ADD power in a progressive lens are automatically read. By pressing the HOLD button, the measuring mode can be switched between manual and automatic.
The LM-30 measures in increments of 0.25D, 0.12D, or 0.01D
(3 steps).
Also, when testing finished progressive lenses, lenses can be checked in units as small as 0.01D.



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