Takagi 700GL Slit Lamp Microscopes




Takagi 700GL Slit Lamp Microscopes
Description :
Slit lamp with a feeling of being “visible”
Our relentless pursuit of “visualizing” and our latest evolutionary slit lamp.
Slit lamps cannot provide medical treatment, but we cannot talk about ophthalmology without slit lamps.
This slit lamp is the number one performer behind the scenes.
Innovative Design without a cable
Innovative Design: No cables are exposed. Even power supply cable is concealed
Discontinuance of the power supply cable from the chinrest to the lamp house.
Power of the conventional slit lamps was supplied from the chin rest to the lamp housing. 700GL looks neat and compact with minimized cable with no possible failure.
Even cables for connecting an imaging system can be concealed.
Renewed product Color
LED Optimized New Slit Lamp
The best advantage of the LED light source is that the affected parts which used to be difficult to be seen with the conventional light sources can be more clearly seen.
Our LED slit lamp is not a type of exchanging the halogen unit, but a completely new model that adopts a dedicated LED light source.
The LED optimized slit lamp provides brighter and sharper light.
Reduction of the Characteristic Blue Light of LED
The projected light is soft and easy on patients’ eyes by reducing the peak of the characteristic blue band spectrum of LED.
Use of Uniform LED Illumination
The LED slit lamp with a color temperature of 3500 K provides brighter and sharper light than halogen. A 1-element high-luminance LED is used for the slit lamp. It provides uniform and even light compared to the 4-element LEDs.

Optical Design
Expert in both observations of the anterior and posterior segments of the eye
Working toward improvement of visibility during fundus observation and realization of anterior segment observation comparable to
conventional devices as critical factors, the world’s foremost brightness and sharp optical design is realized.
700GL’s binocular tubes with a 6-degree convergence provide easy binocular fusion, ensuring stress-free observation.
Extended Slit Length
The diameter of the slit length is extended to 14mm from 10mm. This allows 700GL to illuminate a wider area of the anterior segment.
This allows 700GL to maximize its characteristics such as a wider field of view

Improvement of usability
The size, placement and other features of various knobs are reconsidered based on ergonomics in order to enhance usability
Built-in Background Illumination
For use with an imaging system, the background illumination is now equipped as standard.
The color balance of an image taken through the 700GL is not lost because the same LED is used for both main light source and background illumination.
Intensity of the background illumination



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