Soredex DIGORA® Optime (UV)Intraoral imaging




Soredex DIGORA® Optime (UV)Intraoral imaging
UV disinfection system (pat.pend.)
DIGORA® Optime is the first intraoral imaging plate system on the market to introduce a smart and automated internal ultraviolet (UV) disinfection feature that inactivates viruses and bacteria on the plate transport mechanism.-UV radiation is known to eliminate at least 99.9 % of viruses and bacteria, providing germicidal safety against:
-Hepatitis A/B/C
-Corynebacterium diphteriae
-Mycobacterium tuberculosis
-and many more.Comfort Occlusal 4C
Comfort Occlusal provides a pleasant imaging procedure for the occlusal projection imaging, even with pediatric patients.  The optimized size and shape of the Comfort Occlusal bite protector enables easy positioning for this sometimes difficult projection and shields the plates from wear. The Comfort Occlusal™ utilizes two size 3 imaging plates, so there is no need for specialized, expensive occlusal plates.
Visually guided use

The DIGORA Optime supports users with clear animations. Even new users quickly learn how to use the system efficiently.
Opticlean superb hygiene

DIGORA Optime’s Opticlean hygiene system improves patient and user safety by minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. The superb Opticlean™ hygiene concept consists of the hygiene accessories, touch-free operating and internal UV-disinfection feature of the unit. The Opticlean™ concept is protected by various patents, patent applications and registered designs.

DIGORA® Optime (UV) benefits

Easy to use
Graphical user interface supports easy workflow with clear information
Fast and automated

Fast image readout
Smart automated functions
Uniquely hygienic

Effortless, end-to-end hygienic workflow
Proprietary hygiene accessories
Touchless operation (pat.pend.) and automatic internal UV-disinfection system (pat.pend.)
Excellent clinical results

Comfortable for the patient
Latest generation of imaging plates
Repeatable image quality automatically
Designed for your practice

Compatible with all intraoral sizes 0, 1, 2, 3 and Comfort Occlusal™ 4C
Small footprint with many installation options
Cost-effective sharing between operatories over local area network



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