Smart Optics Vinyl scanner




Smart Optics Vinyl scanner

Vinyl has been especially designed for achieving a maximum of productivity in the daily laboratory work. From now on it is up to you to decide whether you wish to prepare a monochrome or a color texture scan. Decide for yourself which scanning mode suits your working style best. Decide for yourself whether you wish to scan with an open or closed lid. Save considerable time with the fully automated z-axis. The Vinyl automatically guides the object to be scanned into the measuring field. Screwing on spacer plates, which is known from other manufacturers as well as the earlier smart optics models, is now dispensed with. Time which you can use far better elsewhere. Additionally the handling becomes significantly easier. By using a touch screen the most important entries can be made directly on the scanner.

In addition to time-savings, smart optics has also placed a special emphasis on user comfort. With its 180 degree opening the Vinyl offers considerable working space and the improved motor control allows smooth and fast motor travel.

The large system plate of the scanner directly accommodates all established articulators. Condyle-related scanning of articulated jaw models with articulators from Artex®, Baumann®, Gamma® and SAM® is ensured. Articulators from other manufacturers are scanned with average values. The slip-free rubber mat on the system plate provides for stable standing, which is slightly reminiscent of a turntable, hence inspiring the name „Vinyl“. You will also be delighted by the extended scope of delivery. A multiDie adapter as well as an impression holder for Triple Tray® impression scan are inclusive parts of the accessories from now on. The high quality and harmonious design round off the Vinyl.

Scope of delivery
1x Vinyl
1x Object holder
1x multiDie adapter
1x Triple Tray® impression holder
1x 3D calibrations model
1x Mains cable
1x USB cable
1x CD with dental Scan, calibration data and operating manual (PDF)



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