Smart Optics Activity 300




Smart Optics Activity 300
The compact yet still high-performance scanner Activity 300 was developed for orthodontic practice. It meets the latest standards, both in terms of design and technology. The three-dimensional visualization of various problems such as dental malalignment or malocclusion supports the orthodontic specialist in planning the treatment and makes it easier for patients to understand the problem.
The Activity 300 is especially useful for archiving of dental models thanks to its processing speed. The use of stripe light projection allows for high precision in spite of a short scanning time.
The manageable device scans models of both jaws or also individual jaws at high speed, after which the models can be stored in digital format and retrieved at any time. This does away with elaborate storage and labeling of dental models and saves both time and space.
Did you know? All smart optics scanners can be operated by plug-and-play. The operation of the device is intuitive and requires no previous knowledge.Progressive. The latest technology for modern practices.
Economical. Archiving of dental impressions in digital form.
Customer-oriented. Use of digital image data for the best possible consultations.Deliveries include
1 x power cable, 2 x USB cable, 1 x removable model holder, 1 x adhesive pads, software and manual in electronical form



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