Sedecal MOBI XRAY-16 Radiography System




Sedecal MOBI XRAY-16 Radiography System
Description :
The mobile radiographic system MOBI XRAY-16 is an integrated Capacitor Assisted RAD mobile. This system provides the solutions demanded by any Clinic and Hospital.The system has the most innovative capacitor discharge High Frequency Generator that permits high output power from any standard power socket. Its excellent operability and maneuverability is ideal for any of the Hospital areas: surgical rooms, intensive care, emergency etc. SpecificationsCONFIGURATION:· High Frequency X-Ray Generator, 16 kW, 125 kVp, 250 mA, 250 mAs, APR· Tube Stand Column of the System· Manual Collimator· High Tension Cables· X-Ray Tube TOSHIBA E7865X, 150 kVp0.3-1.0 mm, 140 KHU



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