SciScan STATIM 7000 cassette autoclave




SciScan STATIM 7000 cassette autoclave
STATIM 7000 benefits
12 minute unwrapped cycle
15 minute wrapped cycle
12 minute Dri-TecS drying technology
Internal water filtration system allows for tap water
Sterilizes up to 10 pouched packages
Holds two 8”x11” instrument management cassettes
RFID seal technology
Easy serviceability
Removable water reservoir
Built for the highest turnaround efficiency, the STATIM 7000 is the ultimate in speed and capacity. It exceeds the overall throughput of most conventional autoclaves, making it the perfect choice for any busy practice.

Cutting edge technology
Employing SciCan’s proprietary filtration system, the STATIM 7000 reservoir can be filled directly from the tap, eliminating the need to buy distilled water.
The STATIM 7000 cassette is equipped with a Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) tag to log the cycle data and alert you in advance whenever the seals needs replacing

Dri-TecS – Steam heat drying technology
Using the most advanced technology available in the industry today, the STATIM 7000 produces super heated steam to dry instruments. The thermal energy (heat) is extracted from steam and transferred directly to instruments, quickly evaporating any residual moisture.

Sterilization cycle description chart
Cycle Unwrapped Wrapped Rubber/Plastic
Sterilization time 3.5 minutes 3.5 minutes 30 minutes
Sterilization temp. 134º C 134º C 121º C
Total cycle time 12 minutes 15 minutes 37 minutes
$ 3,750



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