Reichert TONO-PEN XL Applanation Tonometer




Reichert TONO-PEN XL Applanation Tonometer
The TONO-PEN XL applanation tonometer is an easy to use, hand-held instrument that provides IOP readings that correlate closely with Goldmann Tonometry. TONO-PEN’s lightweight
ergonomic design and advanced electronic measurement technology enable operators to take fast and accurate IOP measurement with minimal training. Weighing only 2.25 ounces,
TONO-PEN XL is extremely portable making it easier to take IOP measurements anywhere on any patient.
Advanced Technology for Accuracy and Repeatability
The TONO-PEN XL tonometer utilizes micro strain gage technology and a 1.0 mm transducer tip. Leading Edge™ recognition software ensures that measurements are taken only at
applanation, while ScanLock™ tracking rapidly scans the electronic measurement data at a rate of 500 samples per second. This advanced microprocessor technology produces
objective IOP measurements that are less influenced by operator bias than Goldmann tonometry. The average of four independent readings, combined with a statistical confidence
index, ensure accurate, repeatable, and reliable tonometry results.



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