Reichert RK-700 Auto Refractor / Keratometer




Reichert RK-700 Auto Refractor / Keratometer
The RK700 makes quick and accurate refraction and keratometry measurements for patient screening. The auto alignment system with right/left eye movement automatically aligns and
measures both eyes. The powered chin rest adjustment and joystick control facilitate bringing your target within range. Multiple refraction and keratometry measurements in both
eyes can be initiated with one touch of the button on top of the joystick. A manual mode is also available for those who prefer the traditional joystick control and measurement.
Measurement icons can be located quickly and easily on the large 7.5 inch full color LCD monitor. The tilt screen allows the operator to comfortably take measurements while
standing or in a seated position.
Measurement modes include:
R/K – refraction and keratometry
REF – refraction only
KRT – keratometry only
P.K. – corneal peripheral curvature radius
PHOTO – captures an anterior eye photo
Menu selections allow you to customize settings for STEP, Vertical Distance, Cylinder format, Working Distance, Intraocular Lens and brightness of the target.
The Right/Left Eye Movement distance can be set for adults or children.
Patient data can be automatically printed in hard copy format or sent to a computer via RS232C or USB cable connection.

MODEL YEAR  : 2023


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