Quantel Medical Aviso S Ophthalmology Ultrasound




Quantel Medical Aviso S Ophthalmology Ultrasound
The Standardized Ultrasound Platform
A/B Scans, UBM and Standardized Echography
Aviso S is the only platform available in the market to fully comply with the requirements set by Prof. K. Ossoinig to conduct standardized echography.
Aviso S offers the largest choice of probe frequencies in the market: 10 MHz, 20 MHz high frequency for posterior segment, UBM (25 MHz and 50 MHz) for the anterior

segment, with also biometry, Biometry in B mode and A Standardized probe.

Aviso S is your ultrasound platform of choice for:
– Cataract and refractive surgery,
– Corneal diseases,
– Glaucoma management,
– Vitreoretinal diseases,
– Intraocular tumors,
– Biometry and IOL calculation.
This customizable ultrasound platform provides unparalleled image quality.
With a powerful and user friendly interface, Aviso allows to easily realize diagnosis whether from its unique touchscreen remote or the computer terminal. This

ultrasound platform includes some of Quantel Medicals advancement in ultrasound diagnosis such as Varigain (for gain adjustment on a frozen image), Cineloop (automatic

video recording of the last 40 seconds of examination), and the new glaucoma module (semi-automated quantifying tools for angle and iris measurements).
Main characteristics :
– Standardized A-Scan ultrasound
– Unique software for internal reflectivity analysis and characterization of tissues
– Certified by Prof. K. Ossoinig
– From anterior and to posterior imaging : 10 MHz and 20 MHz B Scans, 25 MHz and 50 MHz UBM probes, biometry probe and A Standardized probe



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