Planmeca PlanMill 50




Planmeca PlanMill 50

Planmeca Specifications :

Computer-controlled precision milling machine
Wet and dry milling (integrated with fluid tank)
Block-adapter for glass ceramic (3 Block)
10 tool chagers (with automatic measurement and check of each tool shape)
Calculates tool lifetime so that it can recommend tool replacement automatically
3mm shaft tools
Standard 98mm blank with shoulders and Planmill blocks
ZR-unit milling time 10 minutes, emax 20-25 minutes
Finishing with simultaneous 5-axis processing or 3+2
Dimensions 520 x 590 x 720 mm
Weight approx 85kg
Actuator type : stepper motor
Controls: IMC40
protective cover : Pivoting cover
range of motion :
X-axis 150mm/5mm lead screw
Y-axis 115mm/5mm lead screw
Z-axis 90mm/5mm lead screw
A axis 360 degrees
B axis 110 degrees
water pressure 6-9 bar
water volume 60 L/minute
tank cooling lubricant 2.5 L
Voltage/power input : 230V/1.5A or 115V/3A
output : 750 W
noise level < 70dB
Spindle: jager spindle 60,000 rpm



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