Patient Cam USB




Patient Cam USB

Description :

PatientCam USB connects directly to any computer system’s USB port and includes basic Imaging software (Apteryx & Choice Imaging) are also available. This camera is designed to-be-used by anyone, including patients. Patient use of intraoral cameras is not new and has been implemented in many practices as a logical part of the patient education process (March 2001 CRA Newsletter). Our latest model camera is an upgrade from our previous MiniCam which we sold from 2000-2004.This model connects directly to a USB port with a Windows recognized driver; Simple to install and easy to use. The quality of this camera is similar to the DexCam, SchickCam, SuniCam and other popular “USB” Cams. Includes FREE Macro-Lens for on-tooth diagnosis.

Specification :

  • Applications:intra-oral
  • Technology:digital



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