Optos Daytona Plus Retinal Imaging




Optos Daytona Plus Retinal Imaging
As with all of the Optos UWF devices, Daytona plus provides eyecare professionals with UWF digital images of 200 degrees or up to 82% of the retina in a single, non-contact optomap image. In addition, the Daytona plus device comes with the OptosAdvance™ browser-based image review software, which allows for simple documentation, monitoring and referral processing to assist in patient management and improved patient flow.

– Non-mydriatic ultra-high resolution images in under a second, through 2mm pupils
– Four image modalities available; composite colour, green laser view (“red-free”), red laser view and autofluorescence (af)
– All images presented in ProView™, displaying optomap images in a consistent geometry which accurately represents anatomical features in the retina and enables automatic image registration for tracking over time and inter-modality image comparisons
– New hardware enhances the resolution in superior and inferior fields.
– Inclusion of the innovative OptosAdvance review software that simplifies workflow while enabling comparison overlay between image modalities and different dates, over time.



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