Optos California Retinal Imaging




Optos California Retinal Imaging
California Ultra-widefield Retinal Imaging
Optos introduces its latest ultra-wide?eld (UWF™) imaging device, California which is speci?cally designed for vitreo-retinal specialists and ophthalmologists.
Why California?
With California, Optos has incorporated new hardware and software technology enabling practitioners to see more, discover more and e?ectively treat more ocular pathology thus promoting patient health. We are committed to further strengthening our clinical evidence while demonstrating the importance of imaging the entire retina.
California includes a new UWF optomap® imaging modality; Indocyanine Green angiography (icg) while retaining:
Composite color
Auto?uorescence (af)
Fluorescein angiography (fa)
Images are now presented in ProView which displays optomap in a consistent geometry that accurately represents anatomical features in the retina. Further, ProView enables automatic image registration for disease tracking over time, and inter-modality image comparison.
New proprietary optical hardware optimizes and maintains resolution of the optomap images throughout the scan of the retina resulting in more clarity in the far periphery.
Image overlay enables comparison between composite color images and red-free, af, fa, or icg images. Additionally, comparisons can be made between different images or different dates by scrolling through all stored images.



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