Optos 200DX Retinal Imaging




Optos 200DX Retinal Imaging
Ultra-widefield digital retinal imaging introduced by Optos is increasingly becoming a standard of care for primary eye care providers. The technology is designed to simultaneously capture a digital image of the retina from central pole to periphery. The images produced allow the detection, documentation and monitoring of ocular pathology and systemic disease particularly those that may first present in the periphery. These pathologies might otherwise go undetected using traditional examination techniques and equipment.

The 200Dx offers ultra-widefield and central pole retinal imaging. It provides enhanced image quality, an easy to use patient interface and helpful analysis features such as the Magnifier Tool.
The 200Dx is suitable for practices with a healthy patient base but some need for managing ocular disease by regular comparisons and referring images.
Provides an ultra-widefield 200? view of the retina in one image compared to 30° captured with traditional techniques
Images in under a second, through 2 mm pupils and most cataracts
Red and green laser wavelengths viewed separately or as a composite, provide information for interpretation and diagnosis:
– Green (532 nm) red-free provides
information about the sensory retina to the RPE
– Red (633 nm) shows deeper structures of the retina (RPE to choroid)
Images are displayed immediately and stored electronically for future comparison or telemedicine applications
Innovate software tools to enhance image evaluation
Assists in patient education (3D animation of eye)



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