Optikon Pulsar Phacoemulsifier




Optikon Pulsar Phacoemulsifier
The Pulsar MinimalStress: a new standard in phacoemulsification.
With the Pulsar MinimalStress the surgeon knows and controls exactly how much ultrasonic energy is delivered to the eye. The Pulsar real time stroke measurement system isn’t effected by handpiece efficency and in fact will determine the handpiece’s maximum delivered stroke in advance of surgery.
The patented stroke ruler allowed our engineers to design the smallest and the lightest U/S handpiece avalaible today: the titanium Slim 4, with 4 piezo crystals.
The overall length of Slim 4 U/S handpiece is 150 mm (tip included), its diameter is 13 mm and it weights less than 40 grams!
Pulsar MinimalStress minimizes trauma at the phaco incision, reduces total U/S energy delivered to the eye, eliminates cavitation increasing visibility during surgery and eliminates bouncing of nucleus thus reducing risks of capsular breaking and endothelium damage.



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