Optikon Pulsar 2 ESP Phacoemulsifier




Optikon Pulsar 2 ESP Phacoemulsifier
Innovative, compact, safe, reliable, Pulsar2ESP is the state of the art of the modular surgical workstation in Ophthalmology.
Pulsar2 ESP is a double pump system (Venturi & Peristaltic), controlled through the EASYSYS , a one step insertion, single use I/A cassette. The user can switch in full flight between the two pumps during the different surgical phases without need of changing the I/A cassette.
Pulsar2 ESP with has a patented and unique phaco driver, able to minimize/optimise the ultrasonic energy delivered to the eye. The most important step for Co-MICS, MICS and/or COOL Phaco.
Pulsar2 ESP allows the surgeon the highest customization level in the U/S emission.In addition to the most common U/S emission modes such as Continuous, Pulsed and Burst, Pulsar2 ESP features the P.E.M. mode ( Programmable Emission Mode), the most complete way to program all factors involved in the U/S emission.
Pulsar2 ESP updated the accessories range specifically designed for coaxial and non coaxial microsurgical techniques : Biconical U/S tips (incision range from 2,8 up to 2,2 mm), High Followability U/S tips, nucleus manipulators, , capsulorhexis micro forceps and incision size driven I/A probes.
Pulsar2 ESP makes available also a single use U/S handpiece with U/S tip and sleeve pre-mounted as per surgeon preference. This eliminates the risk of contamination in case of surgical procedures performed on patient affected by serious infective pathologies, preserving the efficiency, sterility and safety.



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