Optikon Keratron Piccolo Corneal Topographer




Optikon Keratron Piccolo Corneal Topographer
Optikon announces the launch of the new Keratron Piccolo corneal topographer expanding the range of the Keratron and Keratron Scout product line.
Keratron Piccolo uses the latest technology for miniaturization, which also improves its reliability.
Keratron Piccolo has a single configuration consisting of the Piccolo videokeratoscope, its docking base and software. It is designed to attach easily to most slit lamps, as does the Keratron Scout.
The Piccolo offers the same features as the Keratron and Keratron Scout except portable use by battery and infra-red pupillometry. All three topographers use the same the software platform.
The Piccolo is an alternative to expensive, complicated instruments. It is a modern, simple, easy-to-use unit, at a price that any professional can afford.
Until now corneal topography has been considered a technique reserved for the most advanced professionals. From now on, Keratron Piccolo will be acknowledged as a new generation corneal topographer at a price comparable with an ordinary slit lamp.



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