Optikon HiScan Touch Ultrasound




Optikon HiScan Touch Ultrasound
The elevated technological content of the HiScan Touch, A/B-Scan ultrasound and UBM, allows exceptional performance in the diagnosis and measurement of anterior and posterior sections thanks to the extreme precision of the images, guaranteed by the use of advanced technology.
HiScan Touch is a stand-alone system that uses advanced software and has a complete range of probes.
HiScan Touch “Basic” allows echography with probes up to 20 MHz, but on request can be upgraded for use with high frequency (25, 35 and 50 MHz) probes. HiScan Touch “Full” is already set up to perform echographies at 12, 20, 25, 35 and 50 MHz. Both models perform A-Scan biometry and immersion and contact A-Scan on B-Scan, A-Scan diagnosis and Pachymetry. The acquired images and results of image carried out on patients are saved in a special database that is compatible with Access.
Thanks to its extremely high sensitivity, the 12 MHz B-Scan probe allows acquisition of details images of the posterior segment and especially the vitreous and the orbit.



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