Nidek LEXCE Trend Patternless Edger




Nidek LEXCE Trend Patternless Edger


Exceptional processing unit with integrated drill
Intelligent blocker with integrated imager
Precise tracing for all types of shapes
Selectable user interface designed for intuitive operation
Multiple configurations

3-D drilling optimally controlled by 5-axis
The drill unit uses a 5-axis mechanism, providing a high degree of accuracy for all your drilling jobs.
Precise grooving providing attractive edge surface

The processing unit that runs the drill, also performs high quality safety beveling and grooving on any lenses.
Highly accurate and precise blocking function

Blocker unit is simple to operate while offering great performance. Magnification of the display facilitates viewing of lens markings during blocking
Automatic hole and shape data acquisition by imager (optical tracer)
The integrated imager can capture optical tracings, along with drill hole data. The data can be easily edited on the multifunction color screen.



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