Mshot MZX81 Stereo Fluorescence Microscope




Mshot MZX81 Stereo Fluorescence Microscope

is consist of Olympus SZX7 stereo microscope and epi fluorescent attachment, the epi fluorescent attachment is equipped with high bright LED light source. On the basis of Olympus SZX7 stereo microscope excellent optical performance and high brightness fluorescent illumination, the MZX81 microscope provides a superior fluorescent observation performance. The microscope can offer blue and green filter groups in one unit, and support high quality GFP requirement. It’s excellent for GFP, nematode,drosophila,zebrafish and embryo fluorescence research. And widely used in biomedicine, in-vivo research, criminal investigation,mineral research ,etc.

Olympus SZX7 stereo microscope frame.
Trinocular tube.
Modular LED fluorescence illumination.
Adopt Galileo optical system.
Two kinds fluorescence groups.
Pre-adjusted light path.

Trinocular tube supports microscope camera.
LED lamp to excite fluorescence in higher efficiency.
Less ultraviolet radiation.
Long working life LED lamp, no mercury leaked pollution, no heating.
No need to replace lamp.
No pre-heating and cooling requirement.
Brightness adjustable button avoids fluorescence quenching.
Specific for GFP is optional.
Two LED lamps bright for one filter cube, highly improved fluorescence brightness.

High clarity and quality 3D imaging with Olympus microscope.
Fluorescence illumination in LED lamp provide high contrast fluorescence.
Easy and convenience to take, install, using and maintainance.
Open to use without waiting, it is time saving and safe for routine laboratory work.
Can achieve stereo bright field observation and fluorescence observation at the same time.

Application ranges:
Biomedical and gene study, such as GFP labeled drosophilia and roe.
Agriculture economy such as GFP labeled seed screening and transgenic seed screening.
Matrial science and criminal justice such as sulphorhodamine B florescent observation and signature identification.
Petroleum and rock mineral study.



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