Mshot MF53 Mercury inverted fluorescence microscope




MF53-N is a high end inverted fluorescence microscope close to research level developed by Mshot, the function similar to Olympus IX. The microscope adopts excellent quality Infinity Independent Achromatic Optical System to make sure better fluorescence imaging. Support phase contrast observation, bright field and fluorescence application. MF53-N inverted fluorescent microscope is ideal for live cell laboratory microscopy imaging. It is convenience to exchange filter cubes in turret flfluorescence module, satisfy observation of most fluorescence fluorophores.


Fluorescence illumination system

Long working life broad-spectrum LED light source in high power offers enough and even brightness, instant on and off without preheating.

Bright field

Take use of LED lighting in high contrast and low radiatio, pre-adjusting optical light center, long working life and easy to use.


Workbale for UV,V,B,G,Y,R colors fluorescence and DAPI,FITC,TRITC and Alexa Fluor series fluorophores and Cy3.Applied to CTC, FRET, cellular immunity and related area.

Phase contrast

Pull-push design is easy understanding to choose matched phase contrast plate. No need adjust.

Semi-apochromatic fluorescence objectives

Semi-apochromatic fluorescence objectives in high numerical aperture has high clarity and flluorescence transmission offers sharp image both for bright field and fluorescence.



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