Mshot MF52 Inverted fluorescence microscope




MF52-N is composed of LED epi-fluorescence system and inverted biological microscope.It adopts excellent infinite optical path, long working distance plan achromatic objectives and wide field eyepiece.The compact and stable high rigid body satisfied the anti vibration requirements of microscope operation. Modular design provides safely and quickly lighting adjustment and switch of fluorescent filter groups. The microscope is used for microscope observation of cell tissue and transparent liquid tissue, as well as fluorescence observation in the fields of bio-pharmaceutical, medical detection, disease prevention, etc.

Benefits :
  • Long lifetime (LED lamp lifetime is 20,000 hours in theory)
  • Digital screen show and remember light intensity
  • Strong light intensity of short light path, reliable and safety
  • Easy to use, no need debugging, instant ON/OFF
  • Varies of fluorescence filter groups
  • Compatible to microscopes in world famous brand
  • Professional customize solution for different users
  • Fluorescence module is removable, upgrading to 4 channels


  • Living tissue observation
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Medical examination
  • Disease prevention
New optimal optical path

Ensuring the imaging quality and reduce the optical signal transmission occupied space through the optimization optical path design.



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