Mshot MF31 LED epi fluorescence microscope




Fluorescence microscope MF31 

brings you a vivid full-range view and very high contrast fluorescence imaging by adopting excellent quality infinity optical system combined with blue LED fluorescence illuminators. Meanwhile, it will increase the samples’ visibility and contrast in the bright field with Abbe condenser. With excellent imaging performance and east to operate, MF31 having been widely applied in the area of Medical diagnostic, teaching & researching, and biological research etc.

Features :
LED fluorescence illumination
Both bright field and fluorescence are illuminated by LED
Compact design in one unit

Advantages :
Long service life, ready to use, no need to adjust optical path during operating
Easy to operate, no need further train
Phase contrast, fluorescence observation supported and post upgrade

Benefits :
Energy Conservative and environment-friendly
No need debugging, higher efficiency
Mufti-functional, more observation methods for option
Cost effective for confirmed fluorescein.



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